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Local home-style Chinese dishes

Handmade Local Chinese Dumplings

Pork Soup Dumplings (XLB)

Bao Buns

Wontons & Noodles

Vegan & Vegetarian Options


Have you noticed that no matter who uses the exact recipe your grandmother used, the food tastes
good but there is always a little something missing that you can't put your finger on? That extra something is a mixture of passion for cooking, a love of the dish - and a wish to share that feeling with others.
What happens when you try to recreate the dish, is you are hoping to experience the same feeling
you did when Grandma made the dish. The owner, Di, understood this when she set out to share
her handmade dumplings with others. Her local dumplings are created with not only a passion for cooking and a love of the dumplings she enjoyed as a child in China, but also with a sincere wish
to create that same feeling in all those who experience the dumplings.

Our handmade dumplings were a favorite of Di Li when she was a little girl growing up in China.
She loved seeing the happy expressions of family members when she served them to her children.
Di's wish for as many people as possible to experience this feeling led her to offer local dumplings
in her shop. Each one is lovingly created from ingredients she can source locally. There is nothing
added, like artificial flavor enhancers, because she believes the handmade dumplings offer a delicate flavor of pure joy without them.

You can find dumplings at just about any Chinese restaurant but once you have experienced eLoong Dumplings, any other will leave you with that feeling of something missing. We put love into every item we sell, and we strive to give you the same experience you would have if you were visiting the kitchen
of a traditional Chinese home. Our dumplings may quickly become your preferred comfort food.







Our customers sometimes say they have difficulty deciding which are the best dumplings on our menu. Many agree, however, that our pork soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) are pretty close to their top choice. We start with our special soup base that is flavored to perfection. Next, we add in bits of pork and wrap it all up in our signature dumpling dough. Next comes the steaming. When the buns are steamed, the gelatin base melts. So, the steaming is the secret to allowing all the delicate flavors to mingle perfectly.

When we serve our pork soup dumplings, we offer a special dipping sauce of vinegar and ginger that does not mask the delicate flavors but instead helps bring each to the forefront. You may think one of our other dumplings deserves the title of the best dumplings, but you'll consider these a close second. More likely, you'll consider it a tie. Order these and one bite will have you hooked forever. Sometimes even
the best Chinese food restaurants don't offer xiao long bao because it is such a time-consuming dish.
We don't allow the time involved to stop us because this is one of our best-loved dishes.

As with all our offerings, you can be assured that all the ingredients are natural and come from locally-sourced vendors, so we know what we are serving you. Why not challenge yourself to try each of our offerings over time and let us know what you think? We never use artificial preservatives or MSG. Your health is just as important to us as your satisfaction with both our food and our service. Our dedication
to sourcing locally is followed by our dedication to helping the environment, even if only in small ways
like only providing utensils on take-out orders if you specifically request them. We believe it is the little
acts that add up to big differences in the end.







Our xiao long bao is just one tiny portion of our entire offerings. We strive to give all of our customers
the best food and the best dining experience possible. Buns, must be the second favorite after all. These buns are offered in chicken, pork, veggie, and our new egg-nog bun. Starting with a soup base that
is made into a gelatin-type base, we add locally-sourced meat and veggies and wrap it all in our buns.
It is our intention that no sauce should ever cover up the basic taste of the food. Our Gold Eggnog bun and red-bean bun are a great dessert choice, or make a perfect treat to take home for dessert.

When asked what we consider makes the best Chinese food, our answer is simple. Lovingly handmade with only the best local ingredients, so we can see what we are using. Then make sure not to add any artificial ingredients and definitely no MSG. It isn't just the food, however, because the experience also includes top-notch customer service that helps you enjoy your meal without stress.

We always welcome feedback from our customers. It is you that helps make us the best Chinese food restaurant in the area.







You can't think of Chinese food and not think about wontons and noodles. Both of these are so versatile and our menu shows this with the number of dishes we have to offer. Our wontons are a bit lighter than dumplings and perfect for those times when you don't want a heavy meal. We serve all our wontons
with a spicy sauce that brings out the flavor. Our customer favorite is the shrimp and pork combo, but
if you are looking for something a bit different, why not try a chicken and shrimp combo or a veggie wonton dish? Our menu gives you even more choices. Whatever your taste buds are seeking, you'll
find it here.

Our noodles are designed with both the meat-lover and the vegetarian in mind. Our simple dish
of noodles in sesame sauce is sure to please even young diners who have yet to develop the more sophisticated taste buds of adults. Your kids will love it, as will anyone on a diet that doesn't allow
for spicy foods. With all the other flavors on your plate, this noodle dish makes a refreshing side.
Our braised beef shank in Szechuan sauce is another restaurant favorite. For those wanting meat
but trying to avoid a lot of red meat, we offer Noodles with pork in a soybean sauce.

These are also great choices if you want to save room to try one of our spectacular desserts. Sometimes dumplings and XLB leave you feeling pleasantly full, but not having enough room for the sweet taste
of Tanghulu or Mochi ice cream. Did you know we offer four flavors of Mochi for our dine-in customers and you get to choose two with each order?







Many people are enjoying a vegan/vegetarian diet these days in an attempt to eat healthier or lose weight. Our veggie dumplings, buns, wontons, greens, and veggie option noodles fit in perfectly with
this type of diet. Also, all our soups and appetizers are vegetarian options too. Filled with locally sourced veggies combined in the perfect combination and surrounded by our delicate dough, your taste buds
will think they have tasted perfection. When we considered how we could make your experience even better, we decided to make it easy for you to place online orders. Your veggie dumplings will be hot and ready as soon as you arrive. This makes it easy to fit a stop by our restaurant into even one of your busiest days, and it helps you provide your family with a nice hot meal you won't need to spend hours preparing. What could be better?

Our online orders are easy. Simply browse our menu and add your veggie dumplings or any other item that captures your interest. We even include room for any special requests you might have. Don't forget
to mention whether or not you will be needing utensils. In an effort to care for the environment, we only include utensils when asked so landfills will be a little less full. All you need to do then is stop in and pick up your hot meal. After a long, busy day of working and running errands, having our delicious dumplings ready to feed your family a healthy meal is an act of love.

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